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The TooShare Revolution

The digital revolution has disrupted everything in its path, transforming our world by creating innovative solutions to the various sectors of our societies, both economically and socio-culturally.

Education and training, which will inevitably be impacted by the disruptive digital transformation and are among the sectors to largely gain   from this transformation with the exponential development over the last ten years of mobile phones and social networks that have become the main communication and working tools for our economies.

Thus, was born TooShare, a free and open educational ecosystem, which was thought off, created, and developed to meet the new challenges of education and training for all in Africa.

TooShare will be an open, dynamic and user-friendly way of acquiring knowledge, largely based on free courses and/or at affordable costs in order to contribute to the acceleration and transformation of our economies. Its ambition is to welcome the best schools and universities as well as the most eminent professors and mentors recognized within the global education system.

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Your SOCIAL AND COLLABORATIVE PLATFORM dedicated to education and training

Expand your world by learning

TooShare is a UNIQUE COMMUNITY for sharing knowledge, skills and experience.

Professors and Mentors

Professors, teachers, coaches, freelance teachers, trainers ... serving education and training.


Students, pupils, schoolchildren… will gain skills and knowledge every day, with every interaction on the platform.

Schools, Universities & Training organizations

Primary & secondary schools, higher education school, universities, training and coaching center… accessible from a single platform.


Employees, freelancers, top management, etc. are trained independently and at their own pace.


The HR services of companies at the heart of TooShare to improve the skills of their employees.


An « All in one » platform

Social network, e-learning, tutoring…


Access thousands of quality content in all disciplines and all over the world.


When, where and how long your training will take depends on you.

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Your individual or group training courses delivered by professionals from all over the world.


Share and exchange your courses, documents, videos with the whole world.


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Upload, prepare or create all type of content : videos, photos, texts, animations.


Sequence your own customized course sessions.


Distribute them on the platform to your target, in a private or public mode.


Dynamically follow your activity and your students' results on your dashboard.

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TooShare Executive team

An experienced and multidisciplinary team

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Abdoulaye MBENGUE
Founder- Chairman

Passionate about innovation and motivated by the desire to contribute to the future of current and future generations, the idea of TooShare came to him as a matter of course. By setting up this platform for exchange, learning, communication and personal development, he thus participates in the emergence of a new Africa.

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An expert in digital technologies and project management, Donatien coordinates the TooShare project with the ambition to open up a new world of opportunities for current and future generations of Africans, enabling them to fully exploit the potential of the digital.

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Head of Marketing & Business Development

“Passionnée des relations humaines, je suis très enthousiaste d’évoluer auprès de collaborateurs visionnaires qui oeuvrent pour l’accès facile aux africains à l’éducation. Travailler sur un projet aussi innovant et impactant pour cette génération est une opportunité que je compte grandement exploiter!”

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Directeur Technique et Produit

“Travailler sur un projet à fort impact social comme TooShare et sur un domaine aussi stratégique que l’éducation donne facilement envie de prendre part à l’aventure : celle de concevoir un écosystème éducatif pour l’Afrique et ouvert au monde.”

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